About Hip & Waisted


Our business was formed in 2012. From our humble beginnings selling every Saturday at the award winning Stroud Farmers Market, and during the week at the Cirencester Corn Hall,
we then found our feet and confidence to sell further afield at small County Shows before moving onto the larger agricultural events and fairs.
Now based in North Devon, we continue to make all of our belts by hand in our workshop in Bideford.
Our leather comes from a UK supplier and we seasonally introduce new colours to add choice for our customers, to keep up with current trends and to add fun, individuality and colour to our collection.
Our everyday buckles come from a wonderful company in Italy and our more ornate buckles are sourced from one company in France and two in Italy, whom we met at a trade show in Milan.
You can rest assured we will never compromise on the leather or the workmanship, as this we feel, sets us apart.

We all express ourselves in what we wear with our own individual style. If jewellery can be unique & beautiful and create pride & passion in its wearer, why can’t a belt with a beautiful buckle be the same?


Quality Where it Matters


Our belts are the genuine article. They are not mass made, but handmade here in the UK from the finest full grain leather, using traditional tools & methods.
We make belts that hold up over time. We make belts for life
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Women's Belts


For women, we all want to feel gorgeous! The belt we wear should not only complement our outfits, but also feel luxurious and flatter our frames. It should make a unique & personal statement, like a beautiful piece of jewellery, a handbag or an exquisite pair of shoes.

Mens Belts


For men, your belt should be of good quality, hard wearing & functional. The distinctive buckles are there for you if & when you feel adventurous, or perhaps just feel like sporting a different look.

How it Works


Each of our belts are handmade with a high quality press stud positioned at the buckle end.
By snapping open the stud, the buckle can be easily removed & changed if required.
To make life easy, you can choose one of our complete belts in either our ‘Mens Belts’ (square buckles) or Women’s Belts’ (rounded buckles) section on this site.
If you are feeling a little more creative (jeans belts only at this time) you can go straight to theDesign you Own’ section & quite simply choose the colour & size you want, then choose a buckle for it from the buckle menu.
In this section you can also purchase a belt strap on it’s own.
All our buckles are available to purchase separately in the Buckles’ section

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