Fee Ultimate Christmas Fair

Cotswold based designer Fee, began designing belt buckles at The London Guildhall where she studied jewellery design, manufacture & allied crafts. She then furthered her diamond & gemstone knowledge at the GIA in California where she achieved the qualification of Gemmologist.  This qualification enabled her to work in prestigious gem & Jewellery houses all over the world, soon becoming inspired by unique and beautifully designed wearable pieces

We all express ourselves in what we wear with our own individual style. If jewellery can be unique & beautiful and create pride & passion in its wearer, why can’t a belt with a beautiful buckle?

Hip & Waisted still attend Fairs, Markets and larger events around the UK, absorbing the customer’s invaluable feedback & honing all the things you look for in a belt & a buckle.

For women, we all want to feel gorgeous! The belt we wear should not only compliment our outfit but also feel luxurious and flatter our frames. It should make a unique & personal statement, like a beautiful piece of jewellery, a hand bag or an exquisite pair of shoes.

For men your belt should be of good quality, hard wearing & functional. The distinctive buckles are there for you if & when you feel adventurous, or perhaps just feel like sporting a different look.